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The content described on this site is not intended for the solicitation of investors and is provided for informational purposes only. The MCAP Funds, as discussed in this Site, are Municipal Capital Appreciation Partners I, L.P.; Municipal Capital Appreciation Partners II, L.P.; Municipal Capital Appreciation Partners II, L.P. (VA); Municipal Capital Appreciation Partners III, L.P.; Municipal Capital Appreciation Partners III (VA), L.P.; Municipal Capital Appreciation Partners IV, L.P.; MCAP IV Holding, L.P.; and Municipal Capital Appreciation Partners V, L.P. These MCAP Funds are closed to new investors.

No material on this site shall be used or considered as an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy the securities or related services of the MCAP Funds. An offer to invest in any future fund which may be offered by MCAP can only be made pursuant to a private placement memorandum and other offering materials for the fund.

An investment in any of the MCAP Funds is subject to significant risks, some of which are described therein. The occurrence of future economic and property specific events which cannot be anticipated or avoided may affect the future performance of the MCAP Funds.

Past investment results are no guarantee of future results. Any transactions listed on this site are included as representative transactions and are not necessarily reflective of overall performance.


MCAP collects information provided by users of the site to generate follow-up messages for internal use only, and to generate statistical reports concerning users of our site. MCAP does not sell the information collected from users to any third party and does not currently make any other use of such information.


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Access to investment information via the internet is being provided for the convenience of investors.  However, an Investor’s Primary Contact must first register to gain access to the MCAP Investor Portal (“Investor Portal”).  Investors’ Primary Contacts may access investment information through the password protected portion of the Investor Portal.

Once registered, investors may access the Investor Portal at any time. However, some or all of the Investor Portal may not be available due to system maintenance or updates.


Investors are responsible for keeping their Investor Portal User ID, password, and any investment and personal information they access confidential. MCAP employees do not need and will not ask for an investor’s password. Therefore, investors should never give their password to anyone who claims to represent MCAP. 

If an investor becomes aware of the loss, theft or unauthorized use of their password, immediately notify the MCAP Investor Relations Department.